Firm Profile

PHÖNIX- BERLIN – Security Management


Wildensteiner Straße 26, 10318 Berlin – Karlshorst

Proprietor : Karl – Heinz Zönnchen

Established: 01.04.1993

Staff : 3 free lance

Telephone :   + 49 (030) 982 46 33

Fax :                + 49 (030)982 46 34

Internet :


Members and Partners:

–          Doitronic company – security and communication technology

–          SEDEC –  Security and Detective Corporation / Member

 Activities and Main Focus (Summary):

Observation and investigation

In incidences of industrial and commercial espionage, unfair competition, product contamination, breach of contract, insurance claims, and employer enquiries, tracing of debtors, commercial enquiries, labour dispute investigation.

Video surveillance (open or covert)

For the investigation of damage to property, theft, vandalism, cash register manipulation, arson.

Sale of security equipment

With the technology it concerns well – chosen products for the solution of special security duties in the area of detective agencies and security service providers.

 De-bugging operations

Technical engineers or other specially trained personnel conduct the operations with the latest equipment. More information is available at our homepage .

 Expert services

Authentication of documents, DNA analysis in co-operation with a recognised laboratory, daktyloscopy, voice and speech identification, employment of marking and apprehension devices, video an photo documentation.

 Security consultation

Security analysis of weaknesses and risk areas for companies, institutions and private persons.

Consultation and implementation of tactical operational measures, using education and prevention to eliminate the threat.
Implementation of defensive measures to counter electronic attacks on companies.

Security services for persons at risk and organised protection of scientific and technical sensitive material. Safeguarding of business secrets of the companies concerned.
Use of mock attacks to test security at companies and areas to be protected.

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